Please use this doc to see how you can request a price change or price book update to your region's price book. Please reference this doc (connected to the Certification Creation Process for Global Partners) to see how prices will be applied to new and recertifying companies. Here is a Salesforce report to see what current products your region has. 

Please submit any changes for pricing at least 1 month prior to the pricing changes.

Change to a current price book:

If you are requesting a change to one or a few product lines on an active price book, please use this spreadsheet as a template TEMPLATE - Change to product/s in the active price book Please make a copy and use this as a template.

To Remove product lines from active price book we must have

  • Product line id

  • isActive = False

To add New or Edit Product lines we must have

  • All of the columns filled out 

All of the above information is necessary so our engineering team can make these updates easily. If you’re making multiple changes to a price book please use the `Type` Column on the sheet so we know how to view that row. 

New Pricebook:

If you are looking to submit a new price book schedule please fill out the two tabs on this sheet. Price Book Upload Template The first tab holds all the high level price book information. The start and end dates indicate when this price book should start being used. The second tab holds all the product line information we need. Since this is all new information, you do not need to add the id.  Please make a copy and use this as a template.

How to submit:

Please submit a ticket with the relevant spreadsheets attached. Please allow our team up to 2 days to review the ticket. The CRM product manager will let you know through the ticket that it has been added to our backlog and will follow up with the relevant person that it has been completed.