The Large enterprise process record was developed so Global partners and the Certification and Verification teams can track the long-term process of certifying a Large Enterprise corporation while understanding what are all the phases and deliverables the company has gone through so far. The Large enterprise process record allows users to be able to see all opportunities and cases (which is how the Certification and Verification team records their deliverables) connected and see the progress of each record. Users will also be able to communicate on the record with other users to provide updates and relay communication. The intention for this work is to help bring clarity about what team is responsible for, build transparency for all stakeholders, and develop tailored reports. 

Clarity of roles and responsibilities

Global partner

  • Creating the Large Enterprise Process record

  • Creating and maintaining opportunities

  • Adding the correct product to the opportunities

  • Adjusting Sales Price as needed 

  • Communicating with the analyst about updates from the customer 

  • Ensuring the summary price fields are working correctly

Certification and Verification 

  • Creating and maintaining cases and connecting them to the related opportunity

  • Maintaining and update the `Required Phases` field on the Large Enterprise Process record

  • Filling out the `Complexity Score` fields on the Large Enterprise Process record

  • Communicating with customers on deliverables per phase

  • Maintaining the `Complexity score` field on the Large Enterprise Process 

  • Ensuring cost plus points are accurate/up to date within each Opportunity 

Loom Explanation Video 

How to use the Large Enterprise Process Record

How to use  

Please use this guide to see how to best use the Large Enterprise Process record! 

Step 1 - Find the Large Enterprise process record

  • Click the app launcher, the 9 dot menu underneath the B Lab logo on the top left, and use the search menu and start typing “Large”

  • As you see in the image next to you. Under *Items* you will see “Large Enterprise Processes”. 

  • Click that to be brought to the Large Enterprise Process object.

Step 2 - How to find/create a Large Enterprise Process Record

  • From the Large Enterprise process record
    • You will be brought to the Large Enterprise Process object. In this image you see the list of view “All”. (This will show you all the records, but in another training document we will show you how to make your own list view
    • You can see the `New` button. 

    • Click the `New` button so you can create a new Large Enterprise Process record

  • From the Opportunity 

    • If you are creating an opportunity first to track the first application phase opportunity you can also create a Large Enterprise Process Record from a Large Enterprise Opportunity

    • Click on the field `Large Enterprise Process` field and you will open up to your most recent record OR you can create a new record. 

    • You can use this to create a new `Large Enterprise Process` record or associate your opportunity to it 

    • Related Cases

      • Cases are the certification and verification deliverables attached to an opportunity.

      • If Case has a large enterprise process record filled out then the case will ask that the analyst fills out the opportunity so we up to date data. 

      • All cases and opportunities will be rolled up Large Enterprise process record

Step 3 - Fields on the Large Enterprise 

  • Large Enterprise Process Name:  free text field where we pre built naming convention
    • Formula Name = `Account Name` + `Approach` + `Year` 
  • Account: Choose the Account that this record is connected to 

  • Required Phase: Phases are that the company will have to go through. Certification and Verification is responsible to ensuring this is correct. 

    • For Initial Certifications - Application, Scoping, Verification, Certification

    • For Recertifications - Scoping, Verfication

  • Approach: 

    • LEA: Large Enterprise Approach

    • MNC: Multinational Company

    • BMB: B Movement Builder

    • LEA/MNC Recert: Large Enterprise and/or Multinational company Recertification

  • Complexity Score: score based off of the complexity scorecard determined during the Application Phase

  • Summary Fields

    • Total Cost: Total `Extended cost` from all rolled up closed/won and closed/lost opportunities

    • Total Price: Total `Sales price` from all rolled up closed/won opportunities

    • Total Net Profit: Formula based off of `Total Price` - `Total Cost` 

Step 4 - The full picture of the Large Enterprise Process Record

This record is meant to give you the full picture of the Large Enterprise prospect you are working with. You will be able to see which account it is connected to. What phases the company will have to go through, their complexity score and currency. 

In step 3 we named all the fields that need to be maintained and their purpose. In this object we have also made it easy for users to see at a glance all the opportunities and cases that are related to the Large Enterprise Process record. In the Opportunity related list you can see each opportunity name (which also indicates which phase they are in), the stage, close date, and amount. In the Cases related list you will be able to see the Subject, Type, status, Date/Time Opened, and Date/time closed. If you need more details about either an opportunity or case  you can click into the record to see more information.

We have added 2 buttons to the top of the record called `Create Opp` and `Create Case`. Each button creates an opportunity or case respectively, and also automatically adds the Account name and Large enterprise process record to the new record to simplify new record creation for the user. 

We also have a posting feature on the right hand side where you can tag your coworkers in salesforce to communicate and track your work with each large enterprise.