Account Annual Data Form Flow

The Account Annual Data Form (also named Annual Revenue Form) is used to get the last Annual Revenue of companies to know what B Corp Certification Fee we should be charging companies.

The form should be sent to the Billing Contact of the company and the generic URL of the form is:{AccountId} where {AccountId} has to be replaced by the Salesforce AccountId of the company, which can be found in the Account's Salesforce URL, per the example below:

For this example, the Form URL is:

As you can see on this board, the form works in steps:

  • Step 1: Validations behind the scenes

When the URL is opened, there are 3 validations behind the scenes:

  1. The AccountId in the URL has to exist as an Account in Salesforce

  2. The Billing Contact field in the Salesforce Account has to be populated

  3. The Email field of the Billing Contact has to be populated

    If any of these three validations fail, an error message will appear.

  • Step 2: Email confirmation (Security Step)

Requires the user to enter the registered Billing Contact Email and a google reCAPTCHA for security.

  • Step 3: Contact step

Shows the first name, last name, title and phone number of the Billing Contact and allows updating the values if necessary.

  • Step 4: Account step

Shows the account information (name, local currency and address) and asks two questions:
1) Do you work in this company?

2) Are you the Billing Contact of this company?

If either of the questions are answered “No”, the form provides a link to create a ticket to get help from B LAB to solve the data issue.

If both of the questions are answered with Yes, then the Revenue Step starts.

  • Step 5: Revenue step

Shows the last reported revenue (value and fiscal year end date) and asks the last revenue, both of them using the local currency ISO code for the value. 

It is possible to upload documents related to the last revenue. 

The Fiscal Year End Date field only allows dates more recent than the last reported revenue and does not allow future dates.

Account Annual Data Form Flow - Automated Email

This is an automated flow to send the Account Annual Data Form by Email to the Billing Contact of the companies that have the last reported revenue out of date and need to update it.

Once a week a job runs in Salesforce searching for companies that matches the criterias:

  1. The account did not receive the email yet

  2. The account must be a certified b corp

  3. The account does not have an account annual data record with a Fiscal Year End Date within THIS YEAR or LAST YEAR

  4. The account has an open Renewal opportunity

  5. The account has a billing contact

  6. The billing contact has an registered Email

  7. The account of the billing contact is correct (the contact is associated with the correct account)

When the Account matches the criterias, the Billing Contact of the company is added in the Account Annual Data Form Campaign. 

There is also an automation that runs when the billing contact of a certified company is updated: if the company that had the update matches the criteria, the new billing contact is added to the "Account Annual Data Form Campaign" and the previous one has the status updated to "Billing Contact Change".

After being added to the campaign, an automation starts, which sends an email for the Billing Contact and tracks if the form is answered. If necessary, the automation sends reminders by email after 30,60 and 90 days.