Problem statement

As the evaluation team onboards the Global Evaluation team - Evaluation analysts hired by the Global Partners - they are not able to do their job properly because they are limited on how many cases they can make and view. 

Solution Statement

Users need different levels of access to cases for themselves and within their region. The evaluation admin team also needs to be able to easily update and change which users have access without needing Salesforce team help

What we’ve done

We have leveraged 2 tools within Salesforce to do this → Public Groups and Sharing Rules. The Evaluation Admin team will be able to edit public groups, while the Salesforce team will manage the Sharing rules due to code implications. 

Because we have used these 2 tools we have developed a methodology for 4 levels of access. 

  • No access to cases

  • Access to only their cases (create/read/edit)

  • Access to their cases AND read access cases in their Global Partner region 

  • Access to all cases 

It’s important to note that Cases have extremely sensitive company information and so we are limiting access to that object. The default setting for everyone that needs access to cases that is not a part of the B Lab Global Trust will be that they have access to only their cases. The people that are put into a public group (eg. Case Access - UK) will have access to view only access to cases in their region. This is to give certain users the ability to report and track high priority cases within their region. 

How to access 

I have created several list views to display all the cases in their region. Also, once you have access to those cases you’ll see them in the related list in their connected Account

Watch this loom to for a quick overview if you’re a visual learner! 

Global Partner access to cases

List views and cases


How to deliver or understand each level of access

  • No access to cases

    • Platform license 

  • Access to only their cases (create/read/edit)

    • Platform license + Permission set (Case Access Platform Users)

    • Full license

  • Access to their cases AND read access cases in their Global Partner region 

    • Platform license + Permission set (Case Access Platform Users) + Regional Public Group

    • Full license + Regional Public Groups

  • Access to all cases 

    • Full License + Role is B Lab Staff Role

For the Evaluation Admin Team! 

Please click on the loom below to see how to adjust public groups!