As B Lab continues to change and grow, our systems need to be updated and tweaked to align with new organizational structures and systems. In 2022, we are connecting Expensify to our new Accounting system, Sage Intacct. This new system allows us to track expenses in more detail for improved reporting. We have updated Expensify to collect the details that are required by the new Sage Intacct system to code your expense reports against the budget.

2022 Changes to Expensify

  1. All expense items must be tagged by "Program".
  2. Reports will now have a field labeled “Project”, which should always be filled in with the option labeled “None”. 
    1. This is the default setting, and will be the only option available, so there should be no action for you to take. This is a necessary step for the Intacct system to work properly.

Choosing a Program

Some staff members may be unaware of which program to choose for their expenses. While some staff work only on a single program, many others have workstreams across many programs. If the expense is specifically related to a particular program, tag that program on your expense; however, if the expense is more general, please select the program you spend the most time on. Please review this article for a full list of programs to choose from, and please discuss with your manager if you are unsure which program to select.

B Lab US & Canada

US & Canada staff members will have all expenses automatically assigned to the US & Canada program, and will not be required to designate a program in Expensify.