Each department should now have their own shared drive to easily share files among their team. 

You can access shared drives at this link- https://drive.google.com/drive/shared-drives

Alternatively, shared drives that you have access to will also show up under "My Drive" from the left-hand drop down menu.

What's the purpose of shared drives vs creating files under "My Drive"?

Ease of sharing files with the rest of your department.  By default anyone in your department will be able to view files you upload on the team drive.  This way you don't need to manually "share" every working document.

Using shared drives is also helpful as a growing organization with new people being onboarded.  It's easier to bring new team members "up to speed" by giving them access to a single team drive as opposed to providing them a bunch of links to commonly used/referenced documents.

Another important thing to note is that files in shared drives are not "owned" by any individual person.  By default if you create a file under "My Drive" as opposed to a shared drive, it will be owned by you.  This can cause problems if someone leaves B Lab - other team members may not have necessary permissions to share the file out with other people.

How do I move files from "My Drive" to a shared drive?

You can click the "Move" icon at the top of any Google document/sheet/slideshow.


From there, you may have to go "up one level" from My Drive before you can select which shared drive you want to move the file to.

*You can also click on File > Move, which will bring up the same menu.

Team Drives by Division/Department