Here is a guide about how to connect and track information about your Zoom Webinars to Salesforce Campaigns. Once you create your webinar in the Zoom application it will automatically make a Zoom Webinar and connected Campaign record.


Zoom Webinar

With this new connector we have several new objects to track zoom information. The main one you need to know about is the Zoom Webinar object. This object captures all the detailed information about the Zoom webinar. The name, the description, the technical details, and attendees. You have access to this object to learn more about the zoom webinar details without going into zoom. 

On the Related tab, you'll see campaigns are connected. This campaign is automatically generated and connected to your zoom webinar. Due to settings, the created by field will always be Alex or our Admin at the time. 

Salesforce Campaigns

We have added a workflow such that If that Type of campaign being made is a Zoom Webinar then the record type will be B Corp Engagement. This will be helpful for you to track and report on your zoom webinar. Also, all of the attendees will captured as campaign members. If they are a contact in our system they will associated to their email. If they are not in our system, a new lead will be created. 

There are 5 members statuses that are autogenerated. 

  1. Approved - if registrants are auto approved, they will be in this status before webinar starts. If registrants are manually approved they will move to this status once approved
  2. Attended - these are the registrants that actually attended the webinar 
  3. Denied - If manually approving registrants, this status is used for people that were denied approval
  4. Invited - registrants you have specifically invited to the zoom webinar
  5. Pending Approval - registrants that need to approved or denied

They will update automatically from zoom settings so you'll know who was approved and attended. We are not able to capture whether or not someone has watched the recording. We also have a field called Zoom Webinar which links to Zoom webinar record so people can see more details.