B Corp Agreements are sent for signature to companies who have been verified to meet the minimum performance requirement and who are finalizing the certification process. The B Corp Agreement typically requests 1 signature from an executive officer of the company. It outlines key aspects of maintaining the B Corp certification. A summary that prospects can use initially is available on the B Corporation website by navigating to the Legal Requirement section below:
Terms of Agreement link here

Note: B Corp Agreements are not Term Sheets. Term Sheets are used by investment fund companies to imply a relationship based on investment. These agreements are essentially contracts and are best not to be identified as "Term Sheets".

We had many previous versions of the agreement however in 2020 we have adjusted it to 3 main kinds of agreements, all based on 1 attribute: the legal pathway type. Here’s the list of agreements and how best to identify them.

Step 1: Determine the Legal Requirement Type

  • See what the company's corporate form and country or region of incorporation is. Check the legal requirement tool for determining this if you are not sure.

Step 2: Select the B Corp Agreement corresponding with the legal requirement.

If the legal requirement pathway is the following

The B Corp Agreement applicable:

Corporate or LLC Amendment

Amendment Agreement

Benefit corporation adoption

Conversion Agreement

No pathway determined

No Legal Available Agreement

Step 3: Select the B Corp Agreement from the Google Drive link below: