As we continue working from home, we are continually trying to find ways of solving tech problems remotely.  NinjaRMM is a tool we are rolling out on B Lab computers to allow the internal technology team to remotely manage and assist with issues on PCs and Macs. This document is meant to serve as a "FAQ" for what this software is, and as well as answer some privacy questions we have received on what is being "monitored."


"What is it/what does RMM mean?"

RMM stands for Remote Monitoring and Management, and is a type of software that allows an administrator to remote into another computer, as well as receive alerts if that computer has certain hardware problems.

“Is this required?”

If your PC or Mac was provided to you by B Lab, yes. For purposes of company data security, we need to be able to track lost or stolen computers.

“What computer data is being actively monitored?”

Pretty much all hardware-level information: free disk space, running processes and applications, CPU usage, IP address, memory usage. In essence, the tool monitors system information that you would find in Task Manager (Windows) or Activity Monitor (Mac).

“Can someone see my screen without me knowing?”

No. When an admin connects to your computer, the remote control software sends a pop-up notification letting you know who has connected.  You’ll also get a message when they disconnect.  There are also logs created whenever an admin remotely connects to your computer.

"Does this tool share my internet browsing history?"

No. That being said, obligatory mention that your internet service provider already has access to that information, and not to do anything illegal with your B Lab owned computer.