General Ground Rules

Tech requirements

  • Download the LogMeIn App (to access both GoToMeeting and GoToTraining)

    • The Desktop App is better for performance and connectivity and we STRONGLY encourage you to download and use

  • You must download Google Chrome in order to access some functionality 

  • Test Audio and Video in advance. See Audio/Video troubleshooting here. 


  • Connect using a headset to have the best sound quality

  • Call in with your phone if web audio quality is poor

  • When joining a session, please mute yourself and only unmute to speak.


  • Make sure you have your phone and laptop charger handy so you are fully charged and do not miss anything  

  • If you are experiencing slow connection please shut down other apps running in the background

For Session Leads - User Experience:

Create and Manage materials

Creating, managing and sharing materials. 

  • Need to be Google docs

  • Need to be in a public-sharing setting of

For more information, see here


Up to 6 breakout rooms are available for any given sessions. 

If attendees need to be in specific breakout rooms, please provide the tech team with a list in advance. 

Note: Desktop and web attendees must be running Google Chrome in order to join activities that use breakouts.

For more information, see here

Be aware that the Breakout controls are in the browser.  While a Breakout is in session, you will need to interact with your trainees within the browser. If Chrome or Firefox is not your default browser, you will be prompted to copy a link and paste it into the Chrome or Firefox browser.

At this point, you should …

  1. Remind your students they need to have Chrome or Firefox installed to get into a breakout

  2. Encourage them to switch to the computer’s audio; Microphone and Speakers work best.  If they are not connected via their computer audio, they will be guided through the experience of connecting to the Breakout audio with their phone.


You can use Polls and Tests to engage your attendees and focus their attention on the session. You can create Polls and Tests before the session starts or during the session on-the-fly. After you close a Poll or Test, you can choose to show the results to your attendees immediately or later.

Shared results display total attendee responses and don't include any individual information. You can view attendees' responses after the session by creating an Attendee Report

Troubleshooting Guide

You must be joining meetings on Google Chrome

System Requirements For Organizers

System Requirements For Attendees

For the benefit of everyone on the call, we are also asking that when connecting, you use headphones rather than built-in laptop speakers.

Test audio/camera in advance: 

Please download and install GoToTraining in advance here

After installing the software, you can launch it in and test out your audio, microphone, and camera before the meeting.  These settings can be changed by clicking on the icon in the top right corner:

Audio Troubleshooting

Audio troubleshooting tips

“Why can’t I hear anyone?”

“Why can’t anyone hear me?”

Camera troubleshooting

Test your webcam 

“Why don't I see the webcams option?” 

Mac Setup

Steps for installing on macs