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Culture Amp Manager Learning

Culture Amp recently released a resource hub dedicated to helping managers find quick answers, expert ideas, and tools for being a great manager. From learning how to motivate your team to tips on how to have difficult performance conversations, this space is designed for continual learning. Culture Amp is regularly adding to these resources for building skills in proven areas that are relevant to all types of managers, so be sure to check back often.

Tools for Adjusting to Remote Management

(Credit to LinkedIn post from Hari Srinivasan on March 12, 2020)

Managing and leading teams has its challenges under normal circumstances. So, how do you lead a team remotely and make sure to keep your people engaged? Learn how to encourage productivity, engagement and boost morale remotely with the following courses: 


Tips for Managing Remote Teams

  • Focus on process and set expectations clearly. Being thoughtful about this upfront will minimize how often your reports will need to contact you, feel frustrated by attempting to do something and later realizing it wasn’t correct, feel overwhelmed by their tasks, and work inefficiently or at cross-purposes. This article gives a good outline of how to solidify team processes and this article offers a helpful overview of how to navigate setting clear expectations and norms.

  • Avoid having tough conversations over Slack. Tough conversations include everything from needing to give critical feedback, to sharing concerns or frustrations, to alleviating confusion. Whenever possible, instead of sending a Slack message, ask when they can make time for a quick Slack call or a scheduled Google Hangout.


Additional Resources: