Emails and creating email templates have never been easier in lightning! You can send emails directly from the Account or Contact pages and add merge fields to make your life easy. You can also relate your email to multiple contacts so it shows up in their activity timeline, and you can preview your email before sending it.Also, if one of the emails you write is fantastic you can even make that email a template right then and there! In this article we review the layout of the email component, how to use it, and how to create and write email templates

How to video! 

Email Component

  1. From: From field so the user know who the email is coming from. This can actually be changed to different users and you can send it on behalf of different users.
  2. To: Standard to field. Start typing out the contact that you're trying to send to and salesforce will use a smart search to try to find the right contact. Of course your can add other cc individuals by clicking the Cc link to add more users
  3. Subject: Make sure to put an engaging subject! This is how it will appear in the activity history section
  4. Insert Merge: They've now made it extremely easy to add merge fields directly into your email so you dont have to go and search for everything you need, you can just add the merge tag that you need and it will always be right. The merge tags are based on the objects, so please make sure you know where your field is!
  5. Insert email template: Feeling lazy and dont want to write an email, use a template! It's easier than ever to find your email and insert it in there.
  6. Preview: Use this tool when you're finally set and done with your email to preview how the user will read your email. Make sure it's professional and looks good!

Email Template

There is now an object called Email Template that can be accessed via the App Launcher. Once you're in you'll be able to see all of your private email templates and public email templates. The Email template object allows to have a better view of public and private email templates as well as reviewing and accessing folders. Since this is a currently a NEW object there are no folders. Be kind and think through the folders you need and how to best use them! They're great and lets optimize it's use. You can refer to the video at the top of the page to see how folders work.