1. From the reports tab, click New Report.

  1. Choose a Report Type, then click Continue. (The report type you choose determines which records your report returns.

  1. The Lightning Report Builder opens in edit mode, and shows a preview. Customize your report to show exactly the data that you need, by adding or removing fields.

  1. To add a column (field) to your report,

    1. Type the name of the field in the Add column lookup.  Then click the field.  

    2. You can also drag-and-drop a field onto the Columns list or directly onto the report preview.

  1. To remove a column (field) from your report,

    1. From the Columns list, find the column you want to remove. Then click Remove.

    2. The columns are extremely easy to move around. Just drag and drop to the spot you would like them to be. 

To remove all columns from your report, from the Columns list, click Remove All Columns.                                                                

Removing a column from your report doesn’t delete the field. You are able to add it again.

  1.  To see all available fields: Open the fields pane.


  1. To summarize a column in your report:

    1. From the Reports tab, edit a report. Click More Actions | Edit.

    2. From the preview pane, find the column you want to summarize. Click Column Actions | Summarize, and then choose how you want to summarize the column: SumAverageMaxMin.

You can use groups in the following ways.

  • To set up default sharing access via a sharing rule

  • To share your records with other users

  • To specify that you want to synchronize contacts owned by other users

  • To add multiple users to a Salesforce CRM Content library

  • To assign users to specific actions in Salesforce Knowledge

  1. To group records (rows) in your report,

    1. Enter the name of a (field) in the Add group look up  under GROUP ROWS.

After grouping a row, you can group a column by choosing a column from the Add group pick list under GROUP COLUMNS.

To ungroup records (rows), click x.

  1. From the Groups list, find the group you’d like to ungroup and then click Remove.

  2. Alternatively, drag-and-drop the group onto the preview pane.

  3. To ungroup all groups in your report, from the Groups list, click Remove All Columns.

  1. To do math 

    1. Click the Columns  Action menu, then choose a function from Summarize.

  1. To filter records from your report, click FILTERS FILTERS.

    1. To add a field filter, type the name in the Add Filter look up window

Then set filter operators and values , click Apply

    1. To edit a filter, including standard filters, click the filter.

    1. To remove a filter, click the Remove icon on the filter.

  1. To add a chart, first add at least 1 group, then click Add Chart.

A chart appears. To customize the chart, click Chart Properties

Change the chart type, color palette, and more.

To show or hide the chart, click Togle Chart.
To remove the chart, click Chart Properties | Remove Chart.

  1. Click Save. If you’re creating a brand new report, give it a name. Optionally, give it a description. With access and sharing in mind, save the report in an appropriate folder.

  2. To view complete report results, click Run or Click Save & Run to view.

  3. Save it into a folder

Building a report in the Lightning Experience Report Builder