The companies list page offers the ability to search for companies you have permissions to access and to also create additional companies.

Create a new company

A user can navigate to the companies list page from either the B Impact Assessment logo in the upper left corner of the page or the companies icon in the upper right.  Clicking the button to Add a New Company will lead a user through company creation.  By default, all new companies will start with a B Impact Assessment.

If you’re a multi-national company or have multiple subsidiaries, you can setup multiple companies in this way, and give individual users access to each.


If you have access to multiple companies, you'll be presented with an option to choose which one to view upon logging in.  For most users, this will give you a list of all companies you have access to. You can use the search bar to filter across all your companies using either:

  1. Part of the company name
  2. The email address of a Team Member associated with a company

Users with any special role

If you are a global partner, review team member, etc., you will have access to several extra filters that allow filtering by:

  1. Global partner region
  2. Certification status
  3. Assigned evaluation analyst
  4. Assigned verification analyst
  5. Has active review
  6. Approach
  7. Active review stage
  8. Task assignment

B Lab Review Team Members
If you are a member of the B Lab Review team, your list of companies includes by default all companies with a Review where you are assigned as the Primary Lead or Secondary Lead.

Companies with open reviews or certification are sorted by opened date / certification date at the top of the list. Finally companies are displayed alphabetically.

B Lab Review Team Members can still search across companies that they are not directly assigned to.