This document lays out the new Customer Satisfaction Guidelines for External and Internal communication. It describes Queues, SLAs, knowledge article management, and people that will need licenses. 

How to use Freshdesk

Freshdesk has an in depth “academy” (learning platform) and knowledge base to teach new users how to use the Freshdesk system. I have included a few courses that will help new users learn how to best navigate the system and leverage the different features Freshdesk offers. 

  1. Enroll for Free in The Freshdesk Academy  

  2. Work through several courses.

    1. How do ticket work in Freshdesk - 1 min

    2. How to look at your ticket list  - 5 min

    3. Setting up Canned Responses - 5 min


Service Level Agreement - SLA

A service level agreement (SLA) is a contract between a service provider (either internal or external) and the end user that defines the level of service expected from the service provider. An SLA holds the customer satisfaction team accountable for a timely response. Over the past 6 months (since 6/2018) we have improved our response to tickets by using ticket rules and increasing communication between teams, but our overall first time response is 3 days. In Freshdesk, we will be using a new piece of functionality called a SLA timer. The SLA timer will track and notify the Queue Leader of that queue to respond to a ticket within the SLA defined in an email. 

The goal will be to have a 1 business day first time response for every ticket. SLAs will be on all queues and we will include follow up ticket workflows to ensure when a user responds to a ticket the second response does not linger as well. 


  • Low - Tickets that are not time sensitive, determined by ticket owner

  • Medium - Customer pushes back and/or needs a call with a technical person

  • High - Key account or sponsor that needs immediate attention

Guidelines of how to respond to a ticket

  1. Human response for every ticket within 3 business day

  2. Reroute tickets with a informative note to the next person that will manage the ticket

  3. Communicate when a ticket escalation (from low to high) is needed

  4. Tag tickets to improve trend analysis

  5. Use articles and canned responses

  6. Create a request for a new article with repeat tickets

  7. As Always - Treat the customer with respect

Group Management

These are the suggested queues based on reviewing the tickets we are currently receiving and the needs internally for information

For US Leads

  • If it's a startup or new company --> send Pending B canned response 
    • Send and Close
  • If not known --> send Steps to Certification canned response
    • Send and Close

For Global leads

B AnalyticsTickets associated to the B analytics tool, Data Sharing, Research, academic proposals
B HiveAnything with the B Hive
B ProfilesHas the word "profile" subject or description. Anything about company profiles not showing up on the website
BIA Tech (Tier 1) First responders for BIA tech issues. Knows high level tech issues and fixes, Manage simple password resets
CertifyIf people email it will go to this group. no outside assignment
Champions RetreatCurrently all spam. No assignment needed. All emails to championsretreat@ go to this group, any tickets around champions retreat
Covid-19 & Recert All tickets about Covid and Recertification go to this group. 
Evaluation Any ticket that requires a response from an Evaluation Analyst.  Any question from a company about the process while the company is in the Evaluation Queue, Evaluation, or Verification Queue Stages in the App Reviews.
Events (us/can) Not in use right now. Don't use
Internal/TechAll first tier technology tickets for employees. Salesforce, global partner needs, hardware
Knowledge Base MaintenanceAll article suggestions and issues.
MarcommAll promotional material, website suggestions, editorials, events, speaker engagements
People & CultureTickets that come from the internal knowledge base that are tagged `People and Culture`
Standards ManagementComplaints about certified B corps an article suggestions about standards
Standards Tier 1Questions about their company not on the right track, wants to change their assessment, questions about impact app questions
Standards Tier 2Questions about complex business structures, consultants asking about questions, questions around verification process
Technology TeamTakes complex BIA errors, internal questions about incorrect closing of assessments, awkward password resets
US/Can B Corp Community Certified B Corps that have issues or want to connect with B Lab
US/Can BD SupportLeads that are in the US/Can that are looking to become certified. The person assigning tickets will send the appropriate canned response and this team will take on follow up questions
WebsiteAnything particular about the website, something not rendering.