As B Lab continues to change and grow, our systems need to be updated and tweaked to align with new organizational structures and budgets. In 2021, we are transitioning to a program budget, which adds a new variable for our systems to track.

Expensify currently tracks everyone’s functional team, via a drop down selection on the report header. However, in order to track “programs” as a second variable, we will be adding a new drop down field for staff to fill out. This field will also be visible in the report header, and will apply to every expense included on the report. 

Please note, the fields for functional team and program will be labeled “Location” and “Class” respectively. We are unable to change these labels, as these are the default terms used by Expensify and Quickbooks.

Some staff members may be unaware of which team or program to choose for their report. We have provided a full list of teams and programs at B Lab below, however, please ask your manager for clarity and help picking the correct selections if you are unsure.

Some staff members perform work for multiple programs. Unfortunately, even in these cases we are still limited to a single program per report. In these situations, please choose the program that most closely relates to your expenses, or the program that you work on the most.

Functional Teams at B Lab - (Location)

  • Certification & Verification

  • Finance & Operations

  • JEDI

  • Marketing & Communications

  • People & Culture

  • Planning, Management & Governance

  • Product

  • Program Development

  • Research & Analysis

  • Standards Management

  • Strategic Growth

  • Strategic Partnerships

  • Technology

  • US & Canada

Programs at B Lab

  • B Analytics

  • B Corp Certification

  • Collective Action

  • Evolve Standards

  • General Operating Support

  • Global Policy

  • Large Enterprise Verification

  • Movement Builders

  • Narrative Shift

  • SDG Action Manager

  • B Lab US & Canada

Additional Freshdesk Resources: B Lab 2021 Budget Lines, Team, & Programs