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This article outlines the preparations needed for onboarding a new contractor.  

Please keep in mind that this article is not exhaustive; the People & Operations (POps) team is happy to answer questions and provide support to teams for any information not covered by this article. Please reach out to us with any questions by opening a new ticket - we will add to the FAQs as we receive tickets with additional questions.  

Preparing to Onboard

Basic Onboarding Steps

After you have selected your contractor, you will need to execute the following onboarding steps:

  • Provide POps with:
    • A title for the role
    • A brief description of the role
    • The name of the contract manager (who is the B Lab employee who will be responsible for managing this role?)
    • Information about the budget allocation for paying the contractor
    • Length of engagement
    • Start date
    • Systems onboarding needs

People & Operations needs to be notified of your onboarding needs at least 10 business days before the contractor's start date.

  • Provide the contractor with a co-signed copy of the Independent Contractor Agreement and Contractor NDA at least 1 business day before the start date. These legal documents must be signed before the contractor can access B Lab data.
  • Inform POps of the scheduled end date 
    • On this date, at the close of business, access to all systems and platforms will be revoked
    • If this date is to change, the contract manager must notify POps immediately (within 24 hours of making this decision)
    • If you wish to extend the contract, POps needs to be notified at least 5 business days before the original end date; renewal is via a formal process, including execution of an amended contract with signatures
  • Confirm where the contractor intends to perform their work
    • In which state/country will the contractor be working?
    • Will there be any changes in location?

Systems Onboarding

You will also need to make a number of decisions in tandem with POps about which systems the contractor will access and how their access will be set up.

Reminder: the contractor and the contract manager must co-sign the Independent Contractor Agreement and the Contractor NDA, and submit a copy to POPs prior to allowing the contractor to access B Lab data.


  • The contractor's email address (if assigned) will be
  • Make sure the implications of system access are made clear: what is the contractor’s stated preference for email communication, and are we mandating that they do their work in a particular way?
  • Use of B Lab systems v. non-use should be considered in terms of the contractor “blending in with the team” vs. representing a separate entity
  • Explain the B Lab calendar system to the contractor and work out a process for calendar syncs - used for convening meetings

G Suite (email, calendar, team drive)

  • Access to G Suite will begin on the communicated start date
  • Access to G Suite will expire on the communicated end date; if the contract is renewed or extended, you will need to notify Tech and they will adjust end dates.


  • A guest account is the standard level of access.
  • If the contractor is given G Suite access, Slack will be registered to this account (single sign-on)
  • The contract manager will need to decide which channels the contractor should be added to; you can discuss with the P&C Team if you need guidance on how to select the appropriate channel or what to consider


  • Access should be provided only as needed, depending on the scope of work
  • Access to this system carries a license fee


  • Access should be provided only as needed, depending on the scope of work
  • Access to this system carries a license fee


  • If convening meetings outside of Google Meet, the IC must use Zoom
  • Advanced access to this system carries a license fee

Do not provide access to the following systems:

  • 1Password
  • Expensify
  • Culture Amp Performance (performance evals)
  • Hardware: B Lab does not provide independent contractors with supplies or equipment

Limited access may be provided to the following systems, depending on the scope of work:

  • Culture Amp Engagement
  • Culture Amp Performance (feedback) 
  • Greenhouse (are they/will they be involved in recruiting?)
  • Thinkific (on-demand training)
  • Namely

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