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The Contractor Selection & Access Protocol articles in this section are intended to serve as guidelines for how to define a contractor role at B Lab and how to successfully select and onboard independent contractors. Beyond defining what role a contractor will play on a B Lab team, it is imperative that we define the where, the what, and the how of contractor hiring and working processes.

These guidelines are the product of a POps working group.

Please keep in mind that these articles are not exhaustive; the POps team is happy to answer questions and provide support to teams for any information not covered by this article. Please reach out to us with any questions by opening a new ticket - ticket responses are added to the FAQs section below on a regular basis. 

Protocol Objectives: 

  • To protect B Lab
  • To protect our customers (with regard to data access and privacy)
  • To improve visibility
  • To be equitable to all 
  • To protect our IC workers (transparently share with them our commitment)
  • To improve our ratings in the B Impact assessment

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