Channels for All Staff

The following are the primarily channels where staff can expect to find communications and resources from the People & Operations team (and others across B Lab). 

An archive of employee communications announcements can be found on Thinkific.

An archive of employee newsletters can be found here.

Employee Newsletter (B Keeper)

Audience: B Lab Global staff
Cadence: Bi-weekly via email

Purpose: The employee newsletter (B Keeper) will act as a central hub for updates and announcements relevant to B Lab Global staff. Beginning in February 2021, B Lab US/Can staff will no longer receive the B Keeper (communications from POps, US/Can leadership, and the US/Can Org Health Circle will come through Slack unless the Org Health Circle decides otherwise).

Content includes:

  • Updates and announcements from People & Operations
    Content examples: Benefits, employee engagement surveys, role changes, hiring updates, finance announcements, evaluation cycles

  • Curated updates and news from across the B Lab network*
    Content examples: Major announcements, strategy updates, new initiatives, accomplishments

  • Celebration, kudos, and uplifting content
    Content examples: Staff shout outs, team takeovers, wellness resources, memes, and more! The content themes will rotate each month in 2020.

* Content will be pulled from Slack to the best of our ability. Staff are encouraged to submit content for the newsletter via this Asana form or by tagging Cassy directly in Slack.

Global Network Internal Newsletter (Inside the B)

Audience: B Lab Global staff + Global Network staff
Cadence: Monthly via email

Purpose: This Network-wide internal newsletter (Inside the B) will act as a central hub for updates and announcements relevant to staff from B Lab Global and the entire Global Network, as well as reflect back on the previous month to strengthen alignment and transparency across the Network.

Internal Knowledgebase (FreshDesk)

Audience: All B Lab, Inc staff (both B Lab Global and B Lab US/Can)
Purpose: Houses important information that can be linked to elsewhere (e.g. Slack, newsletters) as well as a direct line to P&C for answering HR-related questions. Together, FreshDesk and the employee newsletter act as a central hub of information for staff.

Content includes:

  • B Lab Handbook and policies

  • Curated resources

  • Details on P&C support

Town Halls

Audience: Content will be shared in advance and available to all B Lab Global staff. Attendance for "live" session is recommended for B Lab Global staff. Content and/or invitation to attend town halls may be shared with Global Partners (including B Lab US/Can) where appropriate.

Cadence: On demand, but staff can expect roughly 1-2 town halls per quarter

Purpose: The purpose of town halls will be to connect across divisions by creating space for dialogue and celebration. They are intended to be interactive and engaging, NOT inform-based.

Content includes:

  • Space for dialogue around important, cross-divisional topics, challenges, or opportunities

  • Celebration of staff and work accomplishments

  • Interactive and engaging, NOT inform-based (any content delivery will be given in advance)

Pre-recordings and live sessions (where appropriate) will be posted in Thinkific.


Audience: B Lab Global and B Lab US/Can staff
Purpose: Thinkific is a learning management system (LMS) that is designed to house training content, similar to those you may have used if you've taken an online course. We are testing out using Thinkific both for trainings ("Learning B") and housing content from town halls.

Content includes:

  • Courses on topic areas related to People & Operations (e.g. ownership culture, meeting facilitation)

  • Courses on topic areas related to specific divisions or teams (e.g. B Impact Assessment, Standards 101)

  • Recordings and content for all-staff updates such as town halls, engagement survey results, etc


See this article for details on the primary Slack channels for all B Lab staff.

Channels for Specific Audiences

“Managers Need to Know” Email

Audience: B Lab Global people managers
Cadence: Biweekly via email

Purpose: To strengthen manager alignment and knowledge of P&C/POps initiatives and provide regular support and resources for managers.