Salary advances are infrequent and are on a case-by-case basis.  Repayment is processed through payroll. B Lab offers a more common way to facilitate advances for business expenses; please see the travel advance policy.

In response to quarantine and recommended social distancing, B Lab would like to be mindful of the impact this will have on you, your families and friends, and even humanity as a whole. If you are experiencing financial hardship related to COVID-19 impacts and need a pay advance, please reach out via EMAIL directly to Olivia Lee ( to start that process.  

The remainder of this article provide additional information about COVID-related salary advances. Please keep in mind that this article is not exhaustive; the POps team is happy to answer questions and provide support to teams for any information not covered by this article. Please reach out to us with any questions by opening a new ticket - ticket responses are added to the FAQs section below on a regular basis. 

This article was last updated (November 23, 2020), and remains in effect between until further notice.

COVID-19 Salary Advances

Salary Advance Parameters 

Please adhere to the following parameters:

  • Any staff member is eligible to apply 
  • B Lab can support an amount of up to four week's of pay in advance
  • The advance is recoverable via automatic payroll deductions 
  • Deductions will begin no later than 3 months after the request and must be completed within 6 months of the start of repayment.
  • Any employee advance balance remaining will be deducted in full at the time of separation

How to Request an Advance

  • For US-based staff: we will send your advance through normal payroll.
  • For US-based staff: the deadline for a request is Monday 12 noon eastern to be applied in Friday disbursement.
  • For hosted staff: please contact Olivia directly to discuss your options and how we will support your request (as this varies per location).
  • All staff will be required to submit an acknowledgment of the terms of the advance.

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